The fee for teeth whitening starts from 20 £
Professional teeth whitening at the dentist is a quick way to get a snow-white smile
It is always worth remembering the safety for teeth during whitening procedures. The dentist will recommend the best whitening method, intensity, and duration of treatment taking into account your wishes and the possibilities of your teeth.
How dentists are whitening teeth?
Whatever treatment you choose, the teeth whitening process involves applying a whitener to remove stains and make your teeth whiter.

Laser teeth whitening

The most intensive method is laser whitening. Sometimes one visit is enough. Laser beam on the teeth during treatment makes this whitening technique so fast and effective.

Zoom teeth whitening (LED)

It works like laser whitening, but uses LED lamps to accelerate the whitening. With Zoom chairside bleaching, each session takes 45 minutes to one hour, with the light applied for two or three 15-minute periods. This can be followed by a course of home teeth whitening treatment to prolong the results.
Note that the main benefit of laser and LED whitening over take-home trays is the speed at which they produce results. If you are happy with more gradual whitening, a take-home bleaching kit will still give good results over the duration of the treatment. Talk to your doctor about that.